Trouble in Paradise 1932

Trouble in Paradise 1932 in English with double subtitles

Trouble in Paradise 1932 in English with double subtitles. Неприятности в раю 1932 на английском с двойными субтитрами смотреть онлайн.
Trouble in Paradise 1932 in English with double
Movie info
Rating: Kinopoisk 6,9 IMDb 8subtitles
Age: 12+
Year of release: 1932
Genre: drama, crime, melodrama, comedy
Slogan: «When you embrace him, be sure to put on gloves.»
Country: USA
Director: Ernst Lubitsch
The actors: Herbert Marshall, Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Charles Ruggles, Edward Everett Horton
«Trouble in Paradise» is an exquisite comedy, an example of auteur cinema of the thirties. Lubitsch shows the luxurious life of European aristocrats and through comic situations shows that all these well-dressed people with excellent taste are banal crooks and dullards. At the same time, Lubitsch defends love, the only sincere feeling in this cold world. You can always steal and cheat here, but you can’t cheat on your steady partner. On the level of form, this subtle film is flawless. The action unfolds in the fantastically beautiful modern sets of Madame Colet’s mansion, created under the direction of the great Hans Dreyer (the designer of «The Promiscuous Empress» and «Sunset Boulevard»), Lubitsch shoots quite laconically and often resorts to the default method, emphasizing the main thing in the luxury of the protagonists’ existence.
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