to catch a killer 2023

To Catch A Killer 2022 with subtitles watch online

To Catch A Killer 2022 with subtitles watch online.
Мизантроп 2022 на английском с двойными субтитрами смотреть онлайн.
Movie info
Rating: Kinopoisk -7.1
IMDb — 6.6
Age: — 18
Year of release: 2022
Slogan: «It’s a relative calm before the storm.»
Genre: action, thriller, drama, crime, detective
Country: USA, Canada
Director: Damian Cifron
The actors: Shailene Woodley, Ben Mendelsohn, Jovan Adepo, Ralph Eineson, Richard Zeman, Dusan Dukic
The whole country is stunned by the murder that took place in Baltimore on New Year’s Eve. At that time, many people took to the streets to admire the fireworks. An unknown killer decided to take advantage of this moment. Fireworks blocked the shots, and as a result, twenty-nine bodies were left lying in the town square. The police, investigating the case, found the apartment from which the criminal was shooting. However, the explosion destroyed all the evidence. FBI agent Jeffrey Lammark tries to find a clue that could lead him to the killer. He attracts a young novice investigator Eleanor to the investigation. The girl is well versed in psychology and tries to calculate the further actions of the criminal. Together with her, Mackenzie, who has extensive experience in the police, works on the case.
Watch online
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