The Girl Next Door with double subtitles

The Girl Next Door with double subtitles

The Girl Next Door in English with double subtitles watch online (Соседка 2004 на английском с двойными субтитрами)
Movie info
Rating: Kinopoisk 7,1 IMDb 7
Age: 16+
Year of release: 2004
Genre: melodrama, comedy
Slogan: «Her innocence is his delusion»
Country: USA
Director: Luke Greenfield
The actors: Emil Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant, James Remar, Chris Marquette, Paul Dano
High school senior Matthew, dreaming of a career in politics, meanwhile discovers that he has a new roommate, the irresistible 19-year-old blonde Danielle. The flower and candy stage flies by in the blink of an eye, and here Matthew, already blinded by love, is convinced that he has found the woman of his life.
What was his amazement when he and the whole town learns that she is a former porn star. And to keep her, he now has to risk the senator’s chair and pass a test he wasn’t prepared for…

The Girl Next Door double (sub)

The Girl Next Door eng (sub)

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