The Forgotten 2004 in English with double subtitles

The Forgotten 2004 in English with double subtitles

The Forgotten 2004 in English with double subtitles. Забытое 2004 на английском с двойными субтитрами смотреть онлайн.

Movie info
Rating: Kinopoisk 6,5 IMDb 6,3
Age: 16+
Year of release: 2004
Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama, melodrama, detective
Slogan: «Give me that first memory.»
Country: USA
Director: Joseph Rubin
The actors: Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise, Alfre Woodard, Linus Roach, Anthony Edwards
I find it difficult to classify «Forgotten» into any genre. Thriller, mixed with drama, a bit of detective, a bit of sci-fi, and with a melodramatic flavor. Lots of stuff, all in all. But let’s go in order.
It begins, perhaps, as a drama. A woman (the heroine’s name is Telly, played by Julianne Moore) is going through the loss of her child. Her husband, with whom she has a pretty good relationship, nevertheless seems to have accepted the loss and gotten over it. And now he waits for sessions with a therapist to bring relief to his wife. Telly, on the other hand, has not yet been able to come to terms with it. Every now and then she goes through her childhood belongings, the house is filled with pictures of her deceased son (the 8-year-old boy died in a plane crash along with some of his classmates).
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