Ghost 1991 with double subtitles

Ghost 1990 with double subtitles

Ghost 1990 in English with double subtitles watch online (Привидение 1991 на английском с двойными субтитрами)
Movie info
Rating: Kinopoisk 8,2 IMDb 7,9
Age: 16+
Year of release: 1991
Genre: melodrama, fantasy, thriller, drama
Slogan: «You will believe»
Country: USA
Director: Jerry Zucker
The actors: Patrick Swayze, Demmy Moor, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, Rick Aviles
Stanley Lawrence
Sam Wheat is a banker, Molly Jensen is an artist, and the two are wildly in love with each other. However, when Sam is killed by friend and corrupt business partner Carl Bruner over a dubious deal, he is left to roam the Earth as a powerless spirit. After learning of Carl’s betrayal, Sam is forced to enlist the help of clairvoyant Oda Mae Brown to set things right and protect Molly from Carl and his goons.

Player to download, subtitles fitted, below.

Ghost 1990 double (sub)

Ghost 1990 eng (sub)

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