Love Gets a Room

Clara Rugaard (I Am Mother 2019) in the independent film Love Gets a Room 2021

When watching on YouTube. English language learners are recommended to use DoubleSubs plugin — Windows or LingoTube apk — Android.
In fact, the film can be recommended for the bigin level, the dialogues are not long, the multilingual team of actors.
After watching I Am Mother 2019 (telegram ) captivated by the charm of Clara Rugor I am a fan. There are two more movies and series with her and they are quite decent (I’ll post them later).
Independent film «Love Gets a Room 2021»
About the movie:
Year: 2021
IMDb 6,8
Country: Spain, UK
Genre: musical, drama, melodrama, adventure
Directer: Rodrigo Cortez
The actors: Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Pilo, Mark Ryder, Valentina Belle, Jack Roth, Freya Parks
Plot: The message is profound. Performances of Jewish theater during the beginning of the holocaust…

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